Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Useful Link
(for Etsy Shop-Owners)

I am subscribed to Etsy Success weekly newsletter. It is a great way of keeping up with the best Etsy forum threads, Etsy updates, and many other things. I usually enjoy these letters, although some of them bring me more new information than others.

The recent letter was, probably, the best so far. It included a link to a very thoughtful post by Danielle, one of the Etsy admins, and summed up her experience with reviewing the shops on Etsy. She wrote it in a check-list format with additional explanations for each point. Here is the link:


I hope you will find this link as useful as I did.

...And about the picture on top of this post... I could not go without a picture, right? So, I decided to include my new Esty shop banner. I replaced my traditional blue butterfly with this version some time last week. Don't you love it? It looks especially good against Etsy's white background (take a look at it in my shop).

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