Friday, March 05, 2010

Hand-Sculpted Hibiscus Flower Bead
Custom Order

I was asked to make a pink polymer clay hibiscus flower that would fit over a 50-mm bead holder.

This is what I made.

There is a soft gradation of color, from darker to lighter pastel pink, on the petals. The pistol of the flower is made with seed beads and citrine chips threaded on a sterling silver head-pin. It is attached to the wire loop in the center of the flower and has some freedom of movement. The flower is about 2” in diameter.  There is a vertical beading hole in the back for the bead holder. 


Its All About Creating said...

I don't really understand. Any possibility of photographing the back? How does a bead holder attach? Doesn't the top and bottom of the bead holder show? Guess I'm not up on the newer findings out there. Your work is exquisite.

Eugena said...

Here is the link to my Etsy listing with more photos:

The bead holder looks like a hat pin (or a 50-mm piece of thick wire) with a bail on one end. The bead holder goes through the beading hole of the flower bead, and then it is secured at the bottom with a small screw-on bead. Makes sense?

TkDoll said...

Beautiful! I love it! Check out my new blog at

coltpixy said...

It is exquisite!

Dlsarmywife said...

Oh my goodness, this is stunning!!! Until I opened your blog I thought you had posted a picture of a real hibiscus flower! THIS is amazing!

Jenn said...

Yes...exquisite is the word that captures this beautiful piece of art. Wow, wow, wow!

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