Monday, October 26, 2009

My Article in Polymer Cafe

My how-to article was published in a recent issue of Polymer Cafe (December 2009 , Vol. 8, No. 1).

It is a fun project. I show how to make an original vase using polymer clay scraps and left-overs. Rather than covering a glass vase with polymer clay completely, I am leaving a bit of glass exposed. I think it adds interest to the look of the vase.

I hope the magazine readers will enjoy this project.

I love writing for Polymer Cafe. Their editor, Anne Huizenga, is a pleasure to work with – she answers e-mails in a timely manner, and all her instructions are clear and helpful. I am already planning my next article.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Student Work
Faux Cloisonne

I received an e-mail from Dora Kollar, who shared with me the results of her first attempt of my Faux Cloisonne technique.

Dora created her own original design, with a graceful shape and beautiful color gradation from purple to black. She has a couple more pictures of this work in progress in her Flickr photo album:, as well as pictures of her other polymer clay and beaded jewelry.

Thank you for sharing, Dora!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

My Faux Cloisonne Workshop
in Baltimore

November 14, 2009

I have finally received a confirmation of my hands-on class scheduled at Baltimore Clayworks studio on November 14, 10am-4pm.

In this class, I will demonstrate my faux cloisonne technique. The picture on the left is the one that was chosen by the studio to represent the possibilities of this style, although I usually advise my students to start with a simpler design.

Cloisonne is an ancient metal-working technique that involves soldering pieces of wire to the metal base and filling them up with glass enamels in various colors.

My faux cloisonne technique allows to get a very similar effect using polymer clay, wire, and resin.

In this workshop, I will demonstrate and then let the participants do the polymer clay part. At the end of the day we will cure all projects in an oven so that they could be easily transported home and finished there later.

In the second part of the class, I will demonstrate how to work with the resin and let everybody practice on some scrap pieces, which I will provide. With this training, the class participants will be able to finish their projects at home. The projects cannot be finished in class, because the resin takes at least a day to cure, and it shall not be disturbed during this time.

I will also provide a detailed review of resins and glazes available on the market, discuss possible errors and ways to prevent or correct them, and demonstrate variations of this technique, including the use of beads, crystals, and metal leaf.

You may find more details about this class and register at

Saturday, October 10, 2009

New Tutorial
The Framed Pendants
Is Finished

As promissed, I finished writing the new tutorial, Polymer Clay Pendants with Leaf Imprints and Silver Frames.

The tutorial is currently available through my web site and my Etsy shop.

This is the first time when I am offering the same tutorial in three different versions, with different levels of information provided: in addition to the full version, I also have two shorter ones. Part 1 explains how to make the frame, and Parts 1 and 3 also shows how to attach the frames to the pendants. This turned out a bit different from my original plan, but i think this structure is the most logical and allows my customers to choose the level of instructions they need.

Friday, October 09, 2009

Polymer Clay Calendar 2010

Marjorie Oxman sent me a link to the 13-month calendar she published through The calendar contains full-color picture of beautiful works by 29 polymer clay artists, and is great for inspiration. It would also make a nice gift for polymer clay ethusiasts. I am very happy to see my Steampunk Butterfly included in this amazing collection.

Follow the link below to preview the calendanr and to order your copy. You can save 25% until 10/11/09 by using coupon code FALLFOTO at checkout.

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

New Shop
Eugena's Creations

I am in the process of setting my new on-line shop at

The idea is to move there all my jewelry, while leaving the tutorials, beads, and polymer clay supplies at

1000markets offers many ways to manage my products, sorting them into logical collections and controlling the page layout. It is a juried environment, which, I think, will be more suitable for my jewelry. I also like the fact that the products do not need to be constantly renewed in order to be seen by the customers.

I am planning to list most, if not all, of my available polymer clay jewelry by the end of this month. Meanwhile, I am adding new listings every day.

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Exhibition at Baltimore Clayworks

Adornments Adorned, an exhibition focusing on jewelry made with ceramic, polymer clay, or PMC elements, opened yesterday at Baltimore Clayworks.

Here some pictures I took at the exhibition.

The variety of jewelry was great. There were about 30 artists invited to participate (refer to the exhibition web page for the complete list of participants). A few rooms and hallways were filled with jewelry.

I was happy to see many interested visitors.

Surprisingly, there were quite a few gentlemen, who seemed as interested in all this jewelry as the ladies.

Some artists also made it to the opening night. I met glorious Gloria Askin, who presented her new black and white pieces along with her easily-recognizable colorful collection.

All displays were put together by the staff of Baltimore Clayworks, who, I am sure, put a great amount of work into the organization of this event.

Most works by the same artist were presented together. Some were on stands or wall hooks like mine here:

I especially liked this creative presentation of Kate Clawson's (Organic Odyssey) leaf-imprinted pieces.

A few displays were formed with ropes and clothes pins, and I personally was not too impressed by this idea.

I hope the beautiful jewelry pieces on these displays stole all visitor's attention.

Some pieces by the same artist were scattered throughout the exhibition, presented on smaller displays here and there.

The exhibition will continue until November 6, and I hope there will be as many visitors every day as I saw at the opening reception. All works presented at the exhibition are for sale, so I would advise all interested people to get there sooner rather than later.

Here is the address:

Baltimore Clayworks, 5707 Smith Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21209

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Coming Soon
A New Tutorial
Polymer Clay Pendants with Leaf Imprints and Silver Frames

I am working on a new tutorial, which is going to be rather unusual in its format.

One part will explain how to make polymer clay pendants with positive and negative leaf impressions. This is not a new technique, and many people are probably already familiar with it, that is why I decided to separate it from the rest of the tutorial. I want to give people an option of buying the tutorial with and without this part. This part of the tutorial will stand on its own and explain how to make a finished pendant, although without a frame (in case somebody is interested in this technique only).

The second part, however, is rather innovative, because it will explain how to use readily available commercial supplies to make your own flat and custom-shaped frames for polymer clay pendants. I am including instructions for making at least three different shapes of frames, although the possibilities are really endless. I will show how to make smooth and two types of textured frames, as well as how to create a patina finish on these frames. This part will NOT explain how to attach the fames to the pendants - only how to make the frames.  All these techniques can be applied to frame any kind of flat polymer clay pendants (with any design), that is why this second part will also be self-sufficient and may be purchased separately from the first one.

I will also have a more detailed tutorial, with a complete set of instructions for making the pendants shown above.

I am planning to finish the tutorial within about a week. Once finished, it will be available through my web site and my Etsy shop.

Edited on 10/09/09: The main tutorial and its versions will be available today. I decided that the polymer-clay only version (with the explanations of the leaf-impressions techniques) will not be as desirable as an abbreviated version that would explain how to make the frames and how to attach them to the polymer clay pendants. I am in the process of listing all three versions (one full and two shorter ones) on my web site and in my Etsy shop.

The pre-order option is now removed. If you would like to take advantage of this option in the future, please sign up for my newsletter (see the form on the right side of this blog).
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