Saturday, March 13, 2010

Hollow Rose Bud Beads

Last week's polymer clay hibiscus flower custom order put me in a “flower mood”, I think. I kept looking at the petal cane left from the hibiscus, and suddenly got an idea for a sculpted rose bead.

I made it hollow inside, about 1.5” long.

Here is the same bead in two finishes – natural and with patina added. Which one do you like better?

Oh, and by the way, these beads are available through my Etsy shop now.


Rebekah said...

Beautiful! I love the one with the patina - it does look Victorian! :-)

surfingcat said...

They are stunning. I like them both and I think in some designs the naturl would be better but I prefer the patina-ed one I think.

luthien said...

Beautiful!! love them both ... they will have their respective places on varying concept boards ... i;m probably more of a vintage person, so i'll probably use the patina ones more :)

Las Creaciones de Boricua said...

Beautiful Rose!!!!!

Melobeau said...

GORGEOUS! I like them both. I'm very attracted to the colour of the natural one, but the rose with the patina added would also look lovely in a Vintage-Victorian setting.

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