Tuesday, October 13, 2009

My Faux Cloisonne Workshop
in Baltimore

November 14, 2009

I have finally received a confirmation of my hands-on class scheduled at Baltimore Clayworks studio on November 14, 10am-4pm.

In this class, I will demonstrate my faux cloisonne technique. The picture on the left is the one that was chosen by the studio to represent the possibilities of this style, although I usually advise my students to start with a simpler design.

Cloisonne is an ancient metal-working technique that involves soldering pieces of wire to the metal base and filling them up with glass enamels in various colors.

My faux cloisonne technique allows to get a very similar effect using polymer clay, wire, and resin.

In this workshop, I will demonstrate and then let the participants do the polymer clay part. At the end of the day we will cure all projects in an oven so that they could be easily transported home and finished there later.

In the second part of the class, I will demonstrate how to work with the resin and let everybody practice on some scrap pieces, which I will provide. With this training, the class participants will be able to finish their projects at home. The projects cannot be finished in class, because the resin takes at least a day to cure, and it shall not be disturbed during this time.

I will also provide a detailed review of resins and glazes available on the market, discuss possible errors and ways to prevent or correct them, and demonstrate variations of this technique, including the use of beads, crystals, and metal leaf.

You may find more details about this class and register at http://www.baltimoreclayworks.org/class/mtclasses/fall09/workshops/WS7_workshop.html


luthien said...

congratulations on the class. your art is absolutely beautiful and intriguing. and your work ... truly professional. i am sure your students will enjoy learning the techniques from you ... actually i'm now pretty envious of them :))

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Eugena. I have always marveled at your work...just beautiful. I wish that one day you will come out to the west (Arizona) and give a class. I have yet to get the resin part of it done right.

Silver Parrot said...

What a beautiful piece - your students are sure to be inspired!

Sylvia said...

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