Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Our Bunny Is Back!

My husband calls our house “Snow White's Cottage”. All kinds of animals visit our backyard – squirrels, deer, chipmunks, wild ducks, not to mention hummingbirds and various other birds.

Last spring and summer a bunny lived under our gazebo. It moved in some time at the end of March, when we were in France for a couple of weeks. By the time we came back, he was quite comfortable in his new house. Our neighbor said there were a few bunnies in her yard, but her dog killed all of them. Ours was the only one that survived. We watched him grow over a few months. At first he (or she?) was really tiny and scared of every little noise. He would disappear under the gazebo in a blink of an eye. In a few weeks he was bullying even doves and blue jays that were picking some seeds spilled from the bird feeder too close to his under-gazebo entrance. After a while he's learned not to be afraid of us either, and I was able to work in the garden with a bunny sun-bathing just a couple feet away from me.

We watched him wandering further and further away from the safety of his gazebo home, until at some point in September or October we realized that we have not seen our bunny for a few weeks. I reassured the kids that the bunny would be back, but with a healthy population of turkey vultures in the nearby woods I was not sure myself...

This morning I woke up to an excited chatter of my kids in the kitchen. “The bunny is back!” - was my good morning greeting. We cannot decide whether it is our little bunny from the last year, his wiser mama-rabbit moving her nest to a safer location, or a completely un-related and new one, who just stumbled upon our vacant spacious rabbit burrow. In ether case, I think our lawn will be feeding an entire family of bunnies this year.

Here is the footage I shot this morning.



Kristina said...

What a nice story. There is certainly a lot going on in your yard. A few posts ago you mentioned a student of yours and showed his/her work. Well I am a fresh new blogger and perhaps you are interested in seeing some more work inspired by your faux cloisone tutorial that was published in Polymer cafe magazine some time ago. I love the technique and I hope I added a personal note to it. I admire your work a lot. Thank for being an inspiration.

Eugena said...

Kristina, I followed the link to your blog and saw your necklaces. Beautiful! I love your geometrical designs!

lidia paradis said...

Ciao Eugena,I just finished to watch your bunny and the little birdy,they are so cute,you lucky to have the yard !!
My little 5 years old son saw the cake under your bunny and he want's tome make this next we will let you know...

Eugena said...

I made the hedge hock cake for my daughter's birthday last year, and it was the same recipe. To make the needles, I melted some chocolate, extruded it onto a piece of foil in lines (about 4” long) and then refrigerated them until firm. The ears and paws were made out of melted chocolate in a similar way. The rest is quite obvious. For some reason, we skipped the glaze on that cake and used powdered cacao to decorate the top of it. The glaze would have probably looked better. Another option is to use some shaved chocolate. Good luck! I hope your son will like it!

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