Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My Work in a Book

I've just got the most exciting news this morning: pictures of my work had been published in the new book by Shirley Rufener by Krause Publications Polymer Clay Mixed Media Jewelry.

Shirley says that unfortunately quite a few contributers were cut by the editor, but I am lucky, and my work was included. I understand that the editor has his own reasons, but it is just too bad that the author does not have the final word and after all her hard work now has to delivery the bad news to those who were cut... On a positive note, as I told Shirley, she can now use the left-over pictures as the foundation for her new book.

Any way, I am extremely excited. Although my work had been published in different magazines before, this is my first publication in a book.

Thank you, Shirley! I cannot wait to actually the book!

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Judy C said...

Congrats. Your work is an inspiration.

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