Friday, March 20, 2009

Custom Order

These are hand-sculpted leaves and orchids for a bridal version of my lariat necklace.

The original version was made in silver/gray/black tones and named "Les Fleurs des Fer", which means "Iron Flowers" in French. The veins on leaves and petals were applied by hand and then highlighted with silver acrylic paint, heat-sealed for durability. This particular necklace won the third place in polymer clay category in the 2008 designer contest sponsored by Fire Mountain Gems, and can be seen on FMG web site.

Shannon, the person, who ordered the white orchids, found a picture of my necklace on FMG web site, and from there she found my contact information. Oh, the power of the modern technology!

The orchids in this new version are completely white, and covered with mica powders for a gentle shimmering effect. The mica powders on the leaves make them look either white or very light green, depending on the angle of the light. The flowers and leaves are protected with the heat-sealed glaze.

The original necklace is available in my Etsy shop, and I am willing to make a custom variation of this design in any color.


Barbara said...

Absolutely lovely.

I really like the realism in your flowers -- I keep picturing your workplace surrounded by pots and pots of flowers, just nodding in the air....

Rebekah Payne said...

Wonderful designs!! I love your orchids!!

What brand of heat sealing glaze do you use? Can it be applied to round beads?

Eugena said...

Rebekah, I am using Varathane, and it can definitely be applyed to the round beads! More about it here:

Eugena said...

Barbara, you are actually quite right. I have lots of plants in my house, and there are some flowering bushes just outside of my studio. I can see them through the windows. I think I'll take some pictures later.

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