Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Eugena's First Squidoo Lens

So, I wrote my first Lens on Squidoo.com – both for altruistic and materialistic purposes. I am glad I found another opportunity to spread the word about polymer clay, which is of course my great passion. I am also hoping that the people who came up with the Squidoo idea (including Seth Godin, whom I respect very much) are right, and this exercise will indeed bring all the good things they promise – such as increased traffic, more Internet exposure, incoming links to my web site, etc.

If you have any experience with this stuff, please come and take a look at my Lens. I will appreciate any constructive criticism.


If you do not what the heck I am talking about – well, come anyway and figure out for yourself. This concept seems pretty interesting, so take a look.

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