Sunday, January 24, 2010

Polymer Clay Chameleon:

I am pretty sure that Christi Friesen is a household name in any polymer clay artist family by now, and it is difficult to find somebody, who is interested in polymer clay, but has not heard about Christi.

Like many others, I admire Christi's works. They are so intricate and graceful, yet often humorous and funny, and somehow she manages to keep her style recognizable through all the variations. Just like Barbara Sperling is my millefiori guru, Christi Friesen is my source of inspiration for sculpting. Refraining from the urge to copy her is difficult, but I am trying to maintain my own style.

I've met Christi in person a couple of times. She has a sunny personality and it is a pleasure to be with. I think, this is one of the reasons why she is such a wonderful teacher and why her books are so popular. Speaking of Christi's books, I am very happy and proud to have one of my works included in her most recent book, Steampunkery.


VetaTall said...

Super! Very, very nice works!

Amadora Designs UK said...

Hi I have awarded your blog with a Sunshine Award, which is for blogs that inspire positivity and creativity.
I adore what you do here, and have linked your site and the award below :)

Eugena said...

Thank you, Samantha!

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