Sunday, January 10, 2010

Polymer Clay Chameleon:

I want to show you absolutely amazing works of Marina Bychkova. This artist makes the most beautiful art dolls I've ever seen.

Marina uses Super Sculpey to make the initial sculpts, then she creates molds, and the final doll is made out of porcelain. She makes ball-jointed, anatomically correct, fully posable dolls. All joints are lined with leather, so the doll may be placed in any pose, and keep it. The hair is made out of soft mohair or natural silk, so it may be styled in any way you want it. Marina also makes costumes for her dolls, adorned with tiny jewels, elaborate embroidery, real furs, and more. She casts many of the metal accessories, such as the sterling silver corset, hair piece, and slippers for her Cinderella (below). Oh, and I forgot to say – her dolls are usually quite small, only 13.5” in height, so all the costumes are even more amazing when you think that all of this is created on a miniature level.

These are only a few examples of Marina's work. You can see more at her web site, (WARNING: some nudity and mature content).


luthien said...

OMG!! her work is so amazing that it takes your breath away!!

Laurabee said...

Wow, Eugena! Thanks for sharing her work! Amazing!

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