Saturday, December 05, 2009

My New Studio

I want to brag about my new studio!

We have one big semi-finished room in the basement, and I've been using a part of it for my studio. Here is how it looked like a few years ago:

Unfortunately, I do not have a more recent picture – with all the extra stuff I've accumulated since then. The space under this table was packed with boxes, and the table itself was always covered with various unfinished projects.  There were a couple of open shelves overflowing with my tools and supplies, and I also had a smaller, rather inconvenient, table for taking pictures (and you know – I am taking tons of them, both for my tutorials and for my on-line listings).

So, my husband and I finally decided to remodel the downstairs space. Eventually, we'll have three separate rooms there, with one of them being my studio. Since we do all the work ourselves (or to be exact – my husband does most of the work, and I am helping him a little), the entire project is going to take at least a year. Right now, we have one of the corners of that big room enclosed, and we are building a new master bedroom in there.

Suddenly, right before Thanksgiving, my husband scored a VERY good deal on a few kitchen cabinets and counter tops. The best part is that they will fit nicely in the future studio, when we really have it finished, with all the walls and everything. For now, we temporarily installed all the new furniture so that I could use it right away.

Here is where I will be working now:

See the white cube in the corner? That's my permanent photo studio. No more folding and unfolding it between the photo sessions and no more balancing it on a tiny table!

This is my sewing space. Did you know that I actually design and make most of my clothes myself? I still need to put some drapers over the top shelves for now. When we finish this room, all my sewing stuff will be inside a built-in closet.

This part is still open to the rest of the big room. Eventually there will a wall right behind the left section of the counter top.

I am so happy to finally have all these drawers to put away my art supplies. I know, some artists prefer to have their supplies in the open. Not me! I prefer to have only the stuff I am currently working with, and to put it away when I am done.

I took the pictures above yesterday. Here are how the views from my studio look like now (it's been snowing the whole day today):

By the way, the numerous lilac vases are for the custom order I am finishing right now. They are a variation of my Sea Urchin Vase design, and are intended as the central pieces for my customer's wedding.


luthien said...

wow!! what a beautiful studio!! i am soo envious now ... i wish i even have a space for a table! and what gorgeous views ... now who wouldn't be inspired by all that :) and yes ... a clean studio is inspiring too :)) i love your cabinet storage! congrats on your order ... it looks really pretty in the pictures and i'm sure when you take a pic of it close up it will be utterly detailed and gorgeous like all your other works!!

Kate said...

Congratulations on your new studio Eugena! i never seem to have enough space on either floor! My sewing is still downstairs but I've moved my clay up to the biggest bedroom and still isn't enough, always need more table space or shelves to store WIP (works in progress). I am working on that. Looks like you have an ideal set up and a beautiful view to boot! That's one thing I lack in both spaces, probably why I like to do as much as I can in my front bay window table.

Congrats on that big order too, I would love to see them filled and on the tables, makes sure you get them to send you pictures!

Its All About Creating said...

I have been searching for photography table lights. Yours look wonderful. Where did you purchase them if you don't mind me asking. - Marlene

Eugena said...

I bought these lamps at SAM's a few years ago. I hope the store still has them, as these lamps are indeed very convenient for taking pictures...

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