Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Custom Order
Sea Urchin Vases

These polymer clay and pearls vases will be the central pieces at my customer's wedding. They are made as a slightly bigger variation of my Sea Urchin Vase featured in my corresponding tutorial.

My customer is planning to use purple and green as the main colors in her d├ęcor, and sea urchins as the main motif – I was told that even her wedding cake is going to be in a sea urchin shape. I am sure it all is going to look wonderful together!

I used the colors and textures of these vases to make small gifts for the bride and her groom. It is a surprise, so I am not showing the pictures of these gifts until my customer receives them.


Kate said...

They look great Eugena! How big are they? I can't tell from the picture. She isn't' getting her cake from Charm City Cakes (ACE of Cakes) is she? That would be cool if it was filmed and your centerpieces where in there! The are awesome!

luthien said...

omg!!! these are just awesome!! what a statement they would make when put together!!!

KMarie said...

Wow! Your work is beautiful! I just wanted to say that...and to let you know that I happened to come across your blog and website while surfing for beading info. I just launched a Beader's Resource Guide which includes a page on Polymer Clay - I added links to your blog and Polymer Glossary on my Polymer Clay page. They are great resources. Check our my site - if you'd be willing to give me a mention to help promote it I would appreciate it!

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