Wednesday, November 18, 2009

First Sale

Over weekend, I sold my first piece of jewelry through

I am in the process of listing all my jewelry on this site. Right now, some of my polymer clay items are both on and in my Etsy shop, but as my Etsy listings expire, I am not planning to re-list any jewelry there any more. I am doing quite well on Etsy, but (at least for me) my tutorials and beads sell much better than finished jewelry. This can be explained by a few factors, and one of them, I think, is that in order for my jewelry to be seen by the potential customers, I have to re-new my listings very often. If not re-newed, they drown under numerous more recent listings by other designers. The new site, as far as I understand, has a different algorithm for displaying its content, and I hope my jewelry will have a better chance to be found there.

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