Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Another Student Work

Zuleykha, who bought my Faux Cloisonne tutorial, responded to my yesterday's post with a link to a picture of her creation. I decided to post her picture here.

Zuleykha used my technique to make her own design, which is very beautiful and received many compliments both in her photo album and in her blog.

Zuleykha is an anthusiastic polymer clayer, and has a shop on Etsy,, where she sells her pretty beads covered with millefiori cane slices.


Zu said...

Hi Eugena! Thanks for featuring my links!!! :)) I've bought quite a few tutorials of yours, they all are outstanding! The next to try is Faux Art Glass...

nancy said...

Eugena your faux cloisinee (spelling) is beautiful. I have tried a few pieces and they have not turned out, will have to try that tutorial soon.

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