Monday, July 06, 2009

New Bracelets

These bracelets are coming to my Etsy shop this week.

They combine polymer clay and gemstones: Baltic amber, goldstone (which is actually a man-made material, I know), imperial jasper, blue kiwi, and Russian amazonite.

I've been playing with the new photo prompts for these pictures, too. The saucer in the second picture, for example, was found on a garage sale last week. The lady who sold it, kept explaining to me how easy would it be to clean this thing. I said: “Thank you, I am not going to clean it – I want to use it just as it is!” She kept insisting that all I need to do is scrub it with some baking soda...

polymer clay and amber bracelet
polymer clay and goldstone bracelet
polymer clay and imperial jasper bracelet
polymer clay and blue kiwi bracelet
polymer clay and Russian amazonite bracelet

1 comment:

mistys creations said...

Dear G-- you look like you are all of 13! (just kidding...but not) Since I'm 56 I am sure I have shoes older than you and your artist ability is off the scale. Wow, beautiful work!!! Did your mother hand you a ball of clay in your play pen? It's my way of saying how impressed I am! Thank you for finding my blog in turn I am really enjoying yours.

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