Friday, July 24, 2009

Coming soon to an Etsy shop near you...

I spent more than a month developing and refining two new lines of jewelry, which I will start listing in my Etsy shop in August.

I know, doing them one at a time would have been wiser, but inspiration is a powerful forth, and I simply could not fight with it.

The first line is sprouting from my original faux cloisonne technique. Those familiar with this technique know that a faux cloisonne design is created by pieces of wire, meticulously measured, shaped, and applied to the surface of raw polymer clay. It is a very time-consuming technique, and every piece made like that is truly unique. The new technique I am coming up with still employs the line as the major design element, but it allows me to make multiples of the same design, with or without some variations. While I am not ready to share the details of this technique yet, I am happy to show you a few proof-of-concept pieces:

Since these pendants require less time to make, I will be able to offer them at more affordable prices than my faux cloisonne creations.

The second line is all about color. The picture below shows a few of my cabochons ready to be made into pendants and earrings. I will also have them available as beads for those who would like to use them in their own designs.

And here are some experiments with fusing these two techniques. While the results are interesting, I am not quite pleased with them yet. I think I will list these pendants in my Etsy shop as well and wait to see what kind of response I can get. I may come back to this concept and explore it some more, but I am not planning to do it right now.


Arlene Harrison said...

Quite a while back I ordered your Faux Cloisenne tutorial and while I love the look you get, could not bend the little wires and get it all to look right. I'll be interested to see how this differs and would definitely be interested in purchasing a tutorial when you get that far along.

Zu said...

I have just made a butterfly pendant following your cloisonne tutorial! :))) Waiting for the resin to dry now. I will send you a link to the photo! :)))

Eugena said...

I would love to see the picture of your work!

Zu said...

Here you go:
Thank you!

Anamir said...

Nice and singular work.
Very beautiful
I'll join your blog to my list.

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