Monday, February 09, 2009

Polymer clay necklace with five focal beads modeled by the artist
Photo-Session Results

I am working on some listings for my new on-line shop (more on that later). I have nice flat shots of my polymer clay necklaces, but I really want to add pictures taken at different angles and especially on a model. I usually photograph my smaller pendant-style necklaces on a bust, but the bigger ones (those with a few focal beads) do not drape on it well enough.

I have to admit that being photographed is my idea of torture. I hate every moment of the process, and quite often the final result as well. Today, however, I had enough motivation to do four necklaces – this means at least about 40 pictures – and I've got four good pictures that I can use for my listings.

Polymer clay necklace with five focal beads modeled by the artist

The second step was editing the pictures. After playing with them for a while, I have two versions of each – one is more life-like and the other one is kind of over-exposed and washed out. Surprisingly, I like the second version better. I think it makes the viewer to concentrate on the necklace rather than on my face, which is the entire idea, right?


jana said...


If ever an artist 'should' model their work, it's you. You're beautiful, and look lovely in the pictures.

BUT, I now want to see the detail of the necklace! I'll be watching to see if you post looks just amazing, so I'd love to see it's detail...

Congrats on what appears to be an amazing piece of wearable art..

Eugena said...

Dear Jana, thank you so much for all your kind words!

Here is the link to the picture of this necklace in my gallery:

Patricia's Art said...

I agree taking photographs of my creations are a chore! I love creating my art ,thats fun ! But I wish I could leave the promotion and selling to someone else ,its very time consuming ! I'm not happy with my photography efforts. I'm still trying to impove. You Jewelry is lovely! Very unique!


beautiful work, and you make the perfect model!

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