Saturday, June 23, 2012

My new About page

Yesterday I finally filled out my About page on

Here are the pictures I used to create this page.

The first picture is a panaramic shot of my studio.  I am lucky to have a lot of space for my studio.  My husband helped me to set it up in our basement, and we installed kitchen cabinets in there as working benches.  That gave me plenty of storage space and working surface.  Being busy with my full-time job (I am a lab manager at a company that analyzes chemical standards for pharmaceutical companies), I cannot use my studio often.  Sometimes, I have to leave my started projects for days in a row.  However, when I do have a free minute to work there, I want to be able to start working on my polymer clay projects right away. That is why slosed storage space protecting my projects from dust and distortion is crucial for me.

Photocube is a central piece of equipment in my studio. This is a collapsable model, but I leave it set up permanently on my bench.  Most of my time in studio is spent taking photos for my step-by-step polymer clay tutorials.  Each tutorial has from 20 to 90 pictures, and every picture is taken at least three times.

An oven with tight temperature control is another important tool in a studio of any polymer clay artist.  I am happy with my Amaco oven.  By the way, I am often asked for tips and suggestions about baking polymer clay items.  I have a whole page on my web site,, dedicated just to that topic.

Here are some more of my tools.  In fact, this is the most of my tools, because you do not need too much to work with polymer clay.  There is anothr page on my web site that discusses what tools are needed for people who want to start working with polymer clay.

This picture shows my stash of polymer clay, tesin, and some other stuff.  To be honest, I usually do not keep my clay in the open like this - I decided to rearrange this area a little bit just for the picture so that I could show my materials.  I mostly use Kato clay in black (lots of black), white, translucent, and metallics.  Most of other colors I create by mixing translucent clay with Kato color concentrates.  More about different brands of clay is on this page.

To save space on my About page, I compined the last four pictures into a collage.  I hope it is not too confusing.

Here are two more pictures I used.

This one shows my publications (magazines and books in which either my tutorials or pictures of my polymer clay jewelry weer published).

And the last picture shows a few close-up shots from my various polymer clay tutorials.  I thought my Etsy visitors would be interested to see how someone works with polymer clay.

I still have one slot left for one more picture, but I cannot think of another good one to place there yet.


gelfling50 said...

I just love your studio...It is so organized and just amazing ty for sharing it with us Jacqueline Marchant Fiddledeedee Jewelry

Cara Jane said...

Nice to see your studio! I looks so organised and practical. I wish I had a bigger space maybe then I could be less chaotic ;)

FloRaeMe said...

That's a fabulous workspace you have. I heard the about page had expanded on Etsy but didn't realise you could do all this with it. It's great. Thanks for the inspiration.

Mags said...

Wow, this is really impresive, hope one day I will have that much space for my creations :) For now one table and 3 shelves have to be enough :/ I really like your photo shoot box, and the oven. I use my kitchen oven with baking bags, but can imagine with more work you really need a separate one.

Lupe Meter said...

You have an awesome studio, Eugena! Great way to put all your photos together on a page! Thanks for sharing! 8)

Melobeau said...

What a super lovely studio! Thanks for sharing all the wonderful photos.

sound system equipment said...

im in love with your studio..thanks for sharing

Ginger Davis Allman (The Blue Bottle Tree) said...

Your studio is heaven. Just heaven. I just moved into my studio, it's tiny, but I am jealous of all your room to spread out and get things done. You're so correct about being able to close off the space, though. I've tried creating things in a corner of the bedroom for years and it just doesn't work. I love that now I can close the door and keep the cats/kids/husband out!!

Meow Opre said...

Lovely Polymer Clay creations. So talented :)

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