Saturday, October 08, 2011

From My Studio:
New Bead

This polymer clay bead I actually made quite a while ago.  It is an experimental one - I was just playing with a new technique.

Overall, I am pleased with the design, but have two problems it.

First, the shape is not ideal.  I think I got a bit carried away with the details and perhaps misshaped the bead in the process.  Or I was not careful enough during baking.  Whatever the problem was, this is the one easy to fix.

The second thing is more serious - I do not remember exactly how I've got this effect with the dimensional details.  I know what tools I used, but I seem to be missing some crucial step (or steps?), and because of that the whole technique fells apart.  I just cannot reproduce it!

Back to the studio...

...And take notes next time...

Forgot to say: the bead is about long 1.5" and  0.5" in diameter (4 cm by 1.2 cm).

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