Wednesday, October 13, 2010

EnviroTex Lite Resin
Now at

The resin needed for the projects described in my tutorials is now available from site,

It is a two-part epoxy resin, the kind that needs to be mixed immediately before use. I explain how to mix and apply it in every tutorial for polymer clay and resin.

I offer a trial-size kit, 2 fl. oz. total, for those who want to try one (or a few) of my techniques, but does not want to buy too much of this material. This kit will allow you to make a few items following any of my tutorials that call for this resin:

Faux Cloisonné;
Faux Art Glass;
Faux Lampwork 1;
Faux Lampwork 3;
Easy Faux Enamel;
Steampunk Butterfly;
Steampunk Hearts;
Perfect Metal Leaf.

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