Wednesday, August 04, 2010

New Tutorial!
Faux Lampwork for Polymer Clay and Resin

I just finished writing the new tutorial in my Faux Lampwork Series. 

This one explains how to use polymer clay, resin, and one more material to make focal beads that look amazingly like glass lampwork with swirl and floral design.   This third material is revealed in the tutorial.  I bet you will be surprised by what I am using for these designs!   This material is actually very inexpensive and redily available literally everywhere!

Now that I have three tutorials in this series (two of them call for polymer clay and resin and one uses only polymer clay), I decided to offer all three tutorials in a bundle - for a reduced price. 

Both the new individual tutorial and the three-tutorial bundle are availble through my web site and also through my Etsy shop.

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