Thursday, June 10, 2010

New Pendants and Earrings

I just finished a few more pieces combining polymer clay, metal leaf, resin, and metal frames.

I really like the results, although they are even more difficult to photograph than my Faux Cloisonne pendants. The light reflects in such a way that it is really difficult to see that the surface is absolutely smooth and clear. I tried photographing them from a sharp angle to show the surface finish, but than the pattern and colors get lost, and that is not good either...

While I am experimenting with my camera and lighting to get better pictures, just trust me that these pieces are truly amazing in person – the colors are extremely bright (and I will be ready to share my tricks in a new tutorial soon), while the surface is smooth as glass (that is what I like the resin for!).


Jacqueline said...

I bet it's hard taking photos of these - but you got it right. They look fantastic!

I think the elongated red pendant is my favourite.

sibel said...

super wonderfull..

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