Thursday, September 03, 2009

The Price We Pay

A new anvil - $20.
A hammer - $6.
Some scrap wire – $0.10.
Time spent with my teenager – priceless.

I am writing a new polymer clay tutorial with a wire-working part, so I bought a new and shiny anvil to make some nice-looking pictures. As soon as I take the anvil out of its box, my son comes to the studio. The anvil grabs his attention right away. “O! May I try it?”- he asks, excited. “Sure, honey!”. He grabs the anvil along with a hammer and some scrap wire, and settles on the floor. I almost say something like: “Work gently!” or “Be careful!”, but then remember his continuous fight for independence ever since the school started on Monday, and bite my tongue.

It took him less then two minutes to cover the WHOLE surface of the anvil with nicks and scratches...

Well, hopefully he learned something when I did not yell at him. Or maybe not...

Yet another day of parenthood...

On a positive side: It does not look nearly as bad in the picture as it is in person. I think I can still use it in my tutorial (with a little creative photo-editing, perhaps).


Edie said...

Personally, an anvil with battle scars is visual proof that you know what you're talking about. I know you do, having gotten several of your tutes, so please don't take that the wrong way! It's just that IMHO you don't need to worry about photoshopping the anvil. It provides authenticity ;-)


Eugena said...

Thank you, Edie! Good point!

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