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Ready to play again? Here are the rules:

- This Giveaway is open to my Newsletter subscribers only (but you can join any moment - see the form on the right?);

- To participate, you need to look at my polymer clay tutorials and tell me which one you like the most (no need to purchase anything!);

- Post your comments here;

- The winner will be chosen randomly from all the entries (one entry per person, please) on May 15, 2009;

- The winner will receive one of my tutorials of his/her choice (not necessarily the one he or she commented about).

Good luck!

Added on May 4, 2009
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Kathi said...

I already have a couple of your tutorials and they rock. I really love this one...(which I don't have....yet)

Traprain said...

I'm just starting out in polymer clay, and have fallen in love with your faux cloissonne technique. I would sooo love to learn how to do this......

Dlsarmywife said...

Wow I have to choose one?!? They are all fabulous, but everytime I see your's always the faux cloissonne that always draws my attention! Your technique is just lovely. I would definitely love to learn how you make your pieces look so gorgeous!

mavis k.parker said...

I have one of your tutorials which I love. "Easy Faux Enamel' would be my next choice.

Your work is outstanding/


Iris Mishly said...

well, i recently bought the leaf tutorial and it is so proffesional!! i loved it!
thank you eugena!

Eugena said...

Bonnie e-mailed me this message:

I want you to know I have your
tutorial of the Faux Art Glass. I love it. It is so inspiring.

I'm going to order the leaf ones also. You are so kind to share those things with other polymer clay people.


Roberta in sunny Florida said...

I love the mini orchid #1. I love orchids and have a black thumb when it comes to growing them, so I might as well have polymer ones to enjoy. Working with clay is more fun that working in orchid medium (see, I even know that you don't use dirt!) Your tutorials are great!!

bluelapis said...

Hi Eugena. I already have a couple of your tutorials and I love them. Especially the faux lampwork one. They are so well written and the pictures are excellent. If I had to choose from the ones I havent gotten yet? I think I would choose the "steampunk hearts" tutorial. They are so interesting and classy looking with a lot of room for creativity. But thats not to say that I dont want all the rest of your tutorials almost as much. Including your new leaf tutorial which is next on my list of "to get's". XOXO Jamie

Nena said...

Hi Eugena.
I love your work.
Your tutorials look great and they all worth the price but I am most curious about faux lampwork beads tutorial.
If I'm the lucky winner that's the one I'll choose.
Thanks for the giveaway. :)

Marcia P. said...

I love your Faux Cloisonne work! I would love that tutorial.

Rainy810 said...

Hi Eugena,
I purchased the butterfly steampunk tutorial and this time around I want to do something totally different. I would chose Mini Orchids 3, it's not anything like the steampunk. I like going from one extreme to the other. They are easy to understand and your tutorials explain everything from nuts to bolts, no pun intended.

Holly said...

As a beginner, I'd start by diving into the Faux Cloisonne Heart Pendants
Tutorial. Very eye catching!

Beth said...

It is hard to say which is my favorite. I have a couple of them, so I will say the latest one I got - millefiori leaves is my favorite. They are very well written.

Anonymous said...

Eugena your work is wonderful! Thank you for sharing !
This is my very favorite ! It's very hard to chose! But I plan on buying your new leaf tutorial on my pay day :) Thanks again for the givaway !

grblog said...

I LOVE the steampunk heart much so that I bought it! Your pictures were great, and the instructions clear and simple. I really, really hope I win so I can try out the faux cloissonne one....!
Thanks for your beautiful work1

I'm going to share your giveaway with my Twitter followers, too.

Anonymous said...

JHMJMTARKMY favorite tutorial is the cloisonne heart. I think it has very graceful lines and it has a calming effect on me. Your work is wonderful. I have no tutorials and would love to have them all.

Anonymous said...

Without purchasing one of your tutorials first, out of your free tutorials, I thought all were vert good and informative. However, my favourite has to be the bulls-eye and leaf tutorial. With this one I can actually make something out of my clay. Cool! Now I think I'm going to move onto to bigger things and purchase one of your orchid tutorials. I can use the leaf cane here, I think. Thank you so very much for sharing your art.

Anonymous said...

I love your tutorials. I Just purchased the Big Sculpted Orchids Tutorial and I already have the Faux Cloisonne Heart Pendants
Tutorial. Now if I had the Encyclopedia of Millefiori Polymer Clay Leaves Tutorial then I'd really be on top of the world.
khcky@insightbb dot com

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