Monday, November 10, 2008

Recent Publications

Couple of my works have been recently published in beading/crafting magazines. I had these magazines around for a few weeks now and finally found some time to scan them and post pictures.

One picture shows my miniature hand-sculpted polymer clay orchid beads. I sent it to Polymer Cafe a a few months ago, right when I was working on my first tutorial in the miniature orchids series. I now have two of them available and about to finish the third one.

The other publication is a picture of my faux cloisonne set of beads. I wrote about these beads in my blog earlier this year.

There should be another publication, I think, in December issue of Polymer Cafe. For some reason, I cannot catch this magazine in stores (and they do not send a contributor's copy to people who's work is in the reader's gallery)...

1 comment:

One Creative Queen said...

Wow! I'm really glad I found your blog - Linda published your blog in her blog.

You are incredibly talented and I can see why your beads were chosen - it's too bad they don't give a contributer copy out. :(

You should be very proud of yourself - your work is absolutely stunning!! (Especially since no matter how hard I try, my things always look like sick aliens! lol)

I'll be back,
Katherine :)

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