Wednesday, June 04, 2008

I am a Fire Mountain Gems Finalist!

My necklace, Les Fleurs De Fer (Iron Flowers), was chosen as one of the finalists in this year beading contest sponsored by Fire Mountain Gems. I received the notification yesterday. I am so excited!

This necklace is deliciously mono-chromatic, with lots of details in silver and gun metal tones. I sculpted the orchids and the leaves from black and silver polymer clays and enhanced the veins with silver acrylic paint. The necklace itself is constructed as a multi-string lariat, with flowers on one side, and the leaves serving as a counter-weight.

I now need to send the necklace to FMG for the final stage of the contest. Wish me luck!


Barbara said...



That's an awesome piece. It really works with the trend toward black and white and grey I'm seeing in fashion recently. Have you noticed, too?

Black and silver are just awesome together. It's gorgeous!

Dave Robertson said...

Hi, Eugena,

Congratulations, good work! Here's hoping you'll create another great piece and enter it in Rings & Things' "Your Designs Rock" contest early next year. (Info:

Best wishes!

at Rings and Things

Jazzy Chicks Comparison Shop said...

Great job! I hope you win!

I love beading and making new jewelry but don't design my own beads. I'd like to but I don't have all the things you need to do it, maybe one day.

When do you find out who wins?

Eugena said...

Thank you for all the comments.

Barbara, I have not really thought of the fashion trends when I made this piece. Just a happy co-accident.

Dave, I will definitely participate in the next Rings & Things contest. It was fun.

Jazzy, I am not sure when the winners will be announced. We shall keep an eye on FMG web site.

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