Thursday, February 28, 2008

New Set on Ruby Lane

I just added a new set of polymer clay and resin earrings and a pendant on a chain with wire-wrapped Swarovski crystals to my shop at Ruby Lane. This is the set that I made as a result of some of my faux cloisonne focal beads back in January (see my post from January, 26).

Although I am pleased with the results, I do not think I will make another set like this, at least for now. It required as much work as the faux cloisonne things I make (since every line on it is formed with wire), but the same result could have been achieved with a rubber stamp. Of course, with a rubber stamp I could repeat the same design as many times as I please, while this piece cannot be duplicated. Is it important? I need a customer who really appreciates the uniqueness of this set to justify making more beads with the same technique.

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