Monday, November 26, 2007

A “No” from Lark Books.

Lark Books returned the slides that I submitted earlier this year to be considered for their new book “500 Resin Objects”. Bummer! Even more – they enclosed a standard letter that does not explain the reason for rejection. I imagine they had lots of jewelry pieces submitted, and mine are not exactly “resin” – they are made using sort of resin in addition to polymer clay, wire, beads, and findings… Still, I really liked the three pieces I suggested for this publication. No wonder two of them were sold very quickly. The third one, a fairy pendant, is still available (hint, hint!).

O well, I will just have to send my pictures to another book, right?

polymer clay cloisonne moth pendant
polymer clay cloisonne orchid pendant
polymer clay cloisonne fairy pendant

1 comment:

Tejae said...

Eugena, I know it's hard not to take it personally but truly, your pieces are simply beautiful don't let it get you down. The right book offer will come along!

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