Friday, June 01, 2007

Polymer Clay Tutorials

I received this E-mail from a fellow polymer clay enthusiast, Heather:

I love your work and love the tutorials you have on your web site. …Are you planning to publish any more tutorials in the near future?”

I already answered Heather in a private E-mail, and then I decided it would be nice to let other interested people know about my plans as well.

Currently I have a few general polymer clay tutorials and a glossary that would be the most beneficial for those who are just starting to work with polymer clay. I also have one technique-specific tutorial, which explains my faux cloisonné technique using a heart-shaped pendant as an example. This tutorial is intended primarily for people who have tried their hand in polymer clay already (although I know at least a couple of people who have successfully completed their very first polymer clay project following this tutorial).

I am working on a few more tutorials that will teach how to sculpt different leaves and orchid flowers out of polymer clay. Since most of the leaves and flowers use Skinner blend, I am planning to post the Skinner blend tutorial(s) first. I want to show how to obtain a sheet of polymer clay with color gradation (starting with two and with three colors) and also how to transfer those sheets into logs with different patterns.

The Skinner blend tutorials will be followed by at least two or thee tutorials for different leaf designs and for different orchid flowers.

I also want to write a few tutorials for projects based on faux cloisonné technique.

As for the time frame, expect to see the first tutorials in mid July with a new tutorial every two or three weeks after that. I cannot give out any details yet, but I expect to have much more time for this kind of activities starting the beginning of July.

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